Advanced Bunker Forensic and Extended Analysis

Advanced Bunker Forensic and Extended Analysis

In an unfortunate event when the fundamental analysis has met the specifications and yet experiencing machinery damages; intensive investigation will be required to determine the exact causes. Such investigation require top notch forensic and extended analysis to detect causes such as contaminants, low combustion quality etc. and is usually time-consuming and costly due to the extensive works and scopes involved.

We have assisted many of our clients in troubleshooting, ascertaining causes, offering solutions and also providing supporting documentation for claims.

Comprehensive Bunker Forensic Analysis Package  

The Comprehensive Bunker Forensic Analysis Package offers to assist our members to manage the cost and time more efficiently.  With just one single cost, our member will be supported by our dedicated and experienced expert to review the case and our entire ranges of advanced analytical techniques, instrumentation and methodologies to identify the cause(s).

The ranges of analytical techniques includes:

  • GC/MS by Headspace, Direct Liquid Injection, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and ASTM D7845
  • Fuel Ignition and Combustion Analyzer (FCA)
  • Fuel Stability by PORLA Analyzers and P-Value by SMS
  • Solid Contaminants by FT-IR
  • Determination of Catalyst Fine Size Distribution


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