Jan 3, 2017 8:14:00 AM

EU Regulation 2015/757- First phase goes into force 31 August 2017

The monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 Emissions from ships the final Commission Delegations regulations for EU 2016/2072 were adopted in November 2016

The EU has approved that all ships over 5,000 GRT arriving and departing from member states shall implement a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system of CO2 emissions. The verification of the report will be performed by an ISO14065 EU accredited Greenhouse Gas audit company.


The CO2 MRV Requirements

The reporting is required on an annual basis and the report should be performed by an ISO 14065 EU accredited verifier who should be independent and competent legal entities.

The verifier, such as Centre Testing International, will issue the ship with a compliance certificate, valid for 18 months, which should be kept on the ship.

The operators should be aware that there will be EU member state Port inspections to check compliance of the MRV CO2 certificate, penalties for noncompliance will be effective, proportional and dissuasive.

The reporting period starts 1 January 2018, however all companies need to submit to the verifiers a monitoring plan for each ship, indicating the chosen method to monitor CO2 emissions and other relevant information by 31 August 2017. As you can appreciate it will be in the operators interest not to leave the production of the monitoring plan to the last minute, as a verifier will need to visit each ship to approve the MRV plan and CTI Marine would welcome the opportunity to assist you with reviewing the submitted plan for your ships.

CTI Marine would perform a risk based pre-audit of your ship's CO2 monitoring management system at the ship owners office, we will check data credibility by checking company report data and at the same time identify any potential risks related to any existing monitoring plan.

After this the ship operator can schedule a programme of producing suitable MRV plans for each ship in their fleet prior to 31 August 2017.

To make things simpler, during the reporting period, the shipowner/operator could use CTI Marine's unique data base software, that collects and stores data from the ship on a voyage by voyage basis, then before each reporting period our surveyor would visit the ship to verify the information and issue a verification certificate.

Centre Testing International has already performed 44 major land based projects over the last 20 years in relation to Green House Gas verification as part of the UN's KYOTO Protocol, so we are ideally suited to meet the requirements of the EU Regulations in relation to the Marine Industry.


Why choose CTI to be your verifier?

CTI marine services is a highly qualified marine company, not a Greenhouse gas emissions verification company that is use to working with planes and land based sites. We know ships in detail and how they operate.

We have offices worldwide and have a large presence in the Far East and main land China

Our team has also been involved with Green House emissions for the last 20 years, with clients such as the United Nations Kyoto administration.
We will be the most cost effective provider of MRV Verifications with the facility of on line support and updating capabilities.

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